Things to consider while planning a commercial EV charging station.

The EV adoption plan is running on a successful track at a brisk pace in India. More and more people are shifting to EVs due to their numerous personal and environmental benefits.

With this exponential rise in EV adoption, a lot of commercial property owners are gradually incorporating EV charging stations into their premises to accommodate the upcoming wave of customers.

By adding the facility of EV charging to the commercial property, one can not only assist the consumers, but it can also increase the profitability of the business due to the added convenience that it has the potential to offer.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are planning to include an EV charging station on your commercial site.

Know the Scope

Once the plan of adding an EV charging station to the property is on board, you need to finalise its scope. At the same time, you have to decide how many stations you want and where they should be located. At the same time, keep the budget in mind. While you are planning the scope, make sure to consider the power supply, space, electrical infrastructure, and accessibility.

Discuss the plan and the implementation process.

Now, once you know exactly what you want, the next step is to discuss the same with us. We at BPC can provide dynamic and durable EV charging solutions and plans for you. While keeping individual needs and requirements in mind, we can come up with the best EV charging solutions for your commercial as well as private properties. Moreover, we can also suggest some simple modifications that can make the entire project even more effective.

Initiate the Installation

Once the scope and execution are planned out, the next step is to initiate the installation on your commercial site. We ensure that the entire process of installation is carried out perfectly. To make this process smooth and systematic, we provide consistent service and support throughout.

CMS or Content Management System

To provide a flawless consumer experience, BPC comes with robust and user-friendly CMS or content management system support once the EV charging infrastructure is installed. By doing so, we deliver smooth operation and usage of the EV chargers that are installed on the commercial site. Also, by using a suitable CMS, the EV stations can be easily monitored and managed.

Maintenance and Support

At BPC, we acknowledge the importance of consistent maintenance and support and follow it with utmost responsibility. Once the installation is done and the operations start, we provide consistent maintenance and support to enable hassle-free functionality and operations.


By following this flow for EV installation at the commercial site, you can easily get the best EV charging solutions incorporated at your commercial site. Make sure to connect with us to learn more about our solutions, engineered with your needs in mind.

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